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Tri Tool's wide range of rugged and reliable portable machine tools are easy to set-up and operate. Usually, machinery can be powered with either pneumatic, hydraulic, AC, or cordless DC electric drives to suit specific work environments. Machine series (below) are indexed by their method of mounting and/or the particular machining operations they perform.



Use this table to determine the tool type you require, or navigate directly to the machine's model number.


Tool Groups
Group Description
Specific Models
PIPEMASTER® Pipeline Machinery
Pipeline Machinery
Tri Tool's heavy-duty, field proven, pipeline equipment is setting new standards for the industry in terms of performance and repeatable accuracy for offshore and deep-water pipeline construction/maintenance.
BEVELMASTER® 200 Series	ID Mount Pipe Bevelers
200 Series
ID Mount Pipe Bevelers
Powerful and easy to operate, the ever-popular 200 Series of ID mounted portable machines deliver top notch pipe beveling, facing, weld prep, and counterboring performance. Companies around the world depend on 200 Series tools for uncompromising reliability and precision results.
200 Series Single Point Machining Modules
Single point machining modules extend the capabilities and size range of ID mounted tools and permit the machining of complex compound weld profiles without the need for specialized form tooling.
200 Series Optional Mounting Systems
Tri Tool's wide variety of ID mounting methods cover all possible machining requirements when your application involves thin-wall sections, fittings such as elbows, or when trying to produce reliable angled cuts.
300 Series Tube Squaring Machines
300 Series
Tube Squaring Machines
Providing extremely accurate squaring and end finishing, the 300 Series tube squaring tools produce exactly square and burr free ends when preparing tube ends so critical for orbital pipe welding. Systems are designed for small access operation and high volume production applications.
SEVERMASTER® 500 Series Tube Severing Machines
500 Series
Tube Severing Machines
Tri Tool's tube severing machines feature an advanced auto-cycling and quick-release collet system that provides the fastest cut-to-cut cycle time of any portable severing machine on the market. With their optional squaring module, this results in a perfect prep solution for orbital welding.
600 Series OD Mount Severing/Beveling
600 Series
OD Mount Severing/Beveling
OD mounted, split-frame "Clamshell" lathes can be opened and reassembled around in-line pipe to provide severing and beveling. These versatile and reliable lathes provide rigid mounting to the work that makes them the perfect platform for numerous machining operations.
600 Series Mounting/Cutting Accessories
Tri Tool's wide range of accessories for the venerable 600 Series family of tools includes attachments to address problems such as out-of-round pipe, rapid cutting of thin-wall pipe without distortion of the pipe, counterboring modules to blend cuts or prep for radiologic testing, and optional tool modules for unique size and form tooling configurations.
Hydraulic Power Supplies
Hydraulic Power Supplies
These power supplies have been designed specifically to get the most performance from your Tri Tool® portable machining equipment. while being rugged, reliable, and easy to use.
FLANGEMASTER® Flange Facing Machine
Flange Facing Machine
Tri Tool has redefined flange facing and made the process easier and more accurate than ever before with the Model 442F, the most feature rich flange facer in the industry. Facing kits are also available to provide accurate flange facing when using a range of Tri Tool ID mounted beveling machines.
4X4™ Power Drive Beveler
4X4™ Power Drive Beveler
The simple, fast, and economical alternative for the remote beveling of pipe for people who already own a Model 700 Power Drive. A unique 4 bladed bit provides 4X the bit life AND 4X the economy.
Specialty Equipment
Specialty Equipment
As a primary manufacturer of custom tools, Tri Tool offers a diverse line of specialty equipment for a broad range of specific applications. Machinery is available for fitting reclamation, weld crown finishing, boiler applications and chipless machinery for chipless cutting of tubes.
KEYMASTER™	Keyway Cutters
Keyway Cutters
Providing extremely accurate keyway cutting, the KEYMASTER™ mounts directly to the shaft for rapid and reliable machining. Keymasters are also configuable for many vertical cutting applications such as milling and cannister cutting.




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