History of Tri Tool Europe!

Tri Tool was first introduced to the Norwegian market in 1987 to solve the largest and most advanced sever, bevel and welding application on an ocean platform that the world had ever seen. At the time The Ekofisk’s, a Norwegian oilfield platform, was literally sinking in the North Sea. The only options were to decommission the structure or extend the massive 42” (1066.80mm) steel tubular legs in order to maintain structural stability.

Tri Tool agreed to engineer and design the equipment necessary for severing and machining the massive pipes. In order to accomplish this task Tri Tool designed and manufactured the first ever clamshell type machine that in one single operation could both cut and bevel 42”(1066.80mm) pipes with a wall thickness of 3”(76.20mm)!
Due too the phenomenal success the machines that were used in this revolutionary application have been molded into our standard product line, and today they are known as our 600SB and 600RBL clamshell machines.


Product developments!

On The Ekofisk project it was necessary to go from thick-wall carbon steel pipes to high corrosion alloy pipe material. In addition Tri Tool’s Engineering Department needed to account for the heavy wall thickness and the massive weight of the structure. During this process we spearheaded the development of “lightweight” oil platforms and installations. Do to Tri Tool’s research and success the Oil Industry now uses other types of materials, such as titanium, super duplex etc. Tri Tools revolutionary way of thinking lead the way for the larger scope of cold cutting, while maintaining a high focus on materials and tolerances. Tri Tool’s success has made us a key partner for the oil and gas industry. Together we have engineered machines and equipment that are in everyday use worldwide.


Orbital welding!

In this industry we understand that weld seams and weld machining is an everyday challenge and the final product is what counts. Tri Tool’s goal is to produce machines, which can deliver the necessary tolerances, but also the productivity and support, our customers demand. For smaller pipe pplications, as in the range of 2”(50,8mm) to 10“(250.4mm), our 200 and 300 series systems are up to any challenge, and if you have a special application our engineer team has a solution. For large-scale pipe machining our Flagship PFM’s (Pipe Facing Machines) get the job done in a hurry. The pipe ranges from 6”(152.4mm) to 48”(1219.2mm), while maintainingstrict tolerances as low as .005 (0.13mm)!


Flange facing machines!

Our flange facing machine the 442F, which operates between 14”(355,6mm) to 73”(1854,2mm), is very easy to set up and operate. In the industry it is considered the best in its class for flange facing!


Internal lineup clamps!

Tri Tools internal Lineup Clamps were designed and produced due to the industries welding requirements. They clamp directly against the ID of the pipe while self-centering the preps. Once the lineup clamp is in place it will support the root pass and maintain proper weld penetration.


Special products!

Tri Tool’s Engineering Department also produces special machines and machine accessories for specialized customer applications. Please contact us, as we are always ready for the new challenges the industry faces!


Tri Tool Europe

Tri Tool Europe was established in 1988 and we were proud to celebrate our 20 year anniversary in 2008. With that in mind we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners through this exiting period in Tri Tool’s history.


Best regards
Tri Tool Europe
Arne Henry Hanssen

Goal statement:

Tri Tool Inc. provides the finest portable precision machine tools for tube and pipe and the most dependable services to our customers throughout the world. Tri Tool is committed to design innovation and quality products supported by an outstanding level of customer service.


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